“I invite you to experience the beauty, wonder, and mystery of a destination in its entirety.”

- jillian gibas

Founder & Lead Travel Designer

- Jillian Gibas

When I’m not designing travel experiences for my clients all around the world you can find me alongside my husband and our two cats exploring the U.S. in our Nissan cargo van we converted.

My biggest piece of travel advice?
Just GO

Before starting JLJ Travel, I found myself meticulously planning my own adventures for my husband and myself, which became a common request amongst family and friends.

Before I knew it, my travel philosophy of blending experiences—traditional and luxury, relaxing and adventurous began to take shape. A philosophy, I believe, allows one to understand the fingerprint of a place while exploring all it has to offer.

Sure, we can all use a relaxing vacation where we don’t need to think about anything every now and then, but there’s something SO powerful when we visit a place and see it for what it truly is.

I’m Jillian, the founder and lead travel designer of JLJ Travel. I’m all about building custom itineraries that cater to your unique travel style. As travelers, we all have different interests, goals, and experiences when it comes to visiting a destination.
And I’m here to help you bring those to life.

Learn how my Wisconsin roots led me to a life of travel.

my story

My Values

Prioritizing Personalization, Always

No two experiences are the same. We all have different preferences, interests, and goals when it comes to visiting a place. I’m here to help you travel your way, always.

I believe in genuinely getting to know a place beyond just exploring its must-visit attractions. Why are the culture and history the way they are, and how do they help contribute to the destination?

The beauty of travel is that it can look different for everyone. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous escape, a relaxing five-star retreat, or an unforgettable experience, know that any travel experience you desire is welcome here.

Exploring With Intention

Travel Looks Different for Everyone

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Some things you might not know about me...

During one of my craziest travel experiences, I somehow found myself DIYing a first aid kit in the jungle of Costa Rica.

a few fun facts

Toilet paper + belt for the win!

My husband, Alex, and I have been exploring the U.S. full-time in our RV and converted van for the past two years.

Christmas Card 2021





I love hiking just as much as I love a five-star experience.

Zion National Park

While I can't possibly pick a favorite destination, my most memorable trips in the last few years have been to Albania, Spain, and Ireland.

The Old Bazaar in Krujë, Albania