It's okay to feel 

totally overwhelmed

by travel planning.

hey you!


Maybe you saw a gorgeous photo of a destination in a travel magazine and you thought, 

That's it! That's where I want to go!

So you hop on your computer and begin researching how to make that trip happen. 

But then, suddenly,

Four hours have gone by and your head is spinning. 

Which airport should you fly in and out of? In what part of this destination will you actually stay? How will you see everything in your limited time without burning out?

Phew! This isn't really that fun anymore, is it?

Sure, you could read the thousandth blog post about what you must see in Italy.

Or you could:

Saving your time

(and let's be honest, sanity)

is what we do.

Have a professional tell you where you should visit (and what isn't worth your time).

Get a comprehensive travel itinerary made just for you based on your travel style, goals, and preferences.

Have all your bookings taken care of - from flights, to accommodations, to dinner reservations.

Feel confident and ready for your trip thanks to our custom packing guides, pre-departure checklists, and destination travel tips.

Our travel planning process is collaborative as you want it to be.

We have clients that genuinely enjoy parts of travel planning.

And then we have others that are more,

"Girl, I just wanna show up to the airport!".

No matter what you're level of interest is,

we gotchu.

Oh! And here's the deal:

During the whole process, Jillian provided honest, professional feedback and great communication.

She also provided us with items to prep for prior to traveling, and all info was well organized on the app. She took the stress away from us and we were able to focus on planning our wedding.

- Brett & Rebecca
barcelona, rioja & mallorca, spain

"we were absolutely blown away!"


Since we want you to feel as prepared and excited as possible for your trip, each JLJ Travel getaway comes with a Pre-Departure Package that is mailed to your house a month prior to departure.

Each Package includes:

A personalized client travel guide that includes a summary of your trip, destination travel tips, and food & drink guide.

Pre-Departure Checklist

Destination Packing List

JLJ Travel tote bag

Hard copies of all travel docs

One package included with each trip. Extra packages can be added for additional charge.

Itinerary App

In addition, each trip receives access to a free phone app that allows clients to:

Download their itinerary to their phone so it can be accessed offline (especially helpful when no wi-fi is available!).

View important travel documents and guides on the go.

Get real-time flight updates in case there are changes to their flights.

Easily communicate with their travel designer via the Messages option.

If you're ready to...

...Avoid the tourist traps, half-decent food, and overpriced sub-par experiences

...Find the perfect destination(s) for you and any travel companions

...Nix the hassle of booking travel components yourself

...Receive a beautifully balanced itinerary that leaves enough breathing room for spontaneity

...then we should chat!

Let's do it!

It's time to travel better.

Contact us to receive a personalized getaway planning quote.

let's go!