We loved everything on the trip, the planned activities were all awesome, and the food was amazing.

Thank you so much for all of your careful attention and work to plan this magnificent trip for us - we have both been singing your praises to everyone we know!

- armstrong family
Athens & Naxos, Greece

"recommendations were spot on"

Just because you 


Let's go

plan your own trip, doesn't


mean you


Google the top 5 things to do in a destination,

Sure, it's easy to travel nowadays.

go to the tourist traps,

eat half-decent food,

spend too much money on sub-par experiences, and



return home with a feeling of unfulfillment or like you need another vacation from your vacation.

We invite you to travel the JLJ way.

Where you’re able to explore, relax, and sip in a style that suits your exact interests.

Travel Looks Different for Everyone

Exploring With Intention

Prioritizing Personalization,

No two experiences are the same. We all have different preferences, interests, and goals when it comes to visiting a place. We're here to help you travel your way, always.

We believe in genuinely getting to know a place beyond just exploring its must-visit attractions. Why are the culture and history the way they are, and how do they help contribute to the destination?

The beauty of travel is that it can look different for everyone. Whether you’re seeking an adventurous escape, a relaxing five-star retreat, or an unforgettable experience, know that any travel experience you desire is welcome here.

see our services

our values


We were provided with an itinerary that was just for us that we could choose to follow step-by-step or be flexible with.

Recommendations, must-dos, and options were spread throughout the itinerary to make it feel like it was truly just meant for us!

- tessa & Jake
oahu & kauai, Hawaii

"we will definitely use Jlj for future trips"

How it Works!



Let's chat! 

As you may have guessed, around here, talkin' travel is our favorite thing. 

And we want to hear where YOU want to go! 

The very first step is a complimentary intro call where we'll discuss what you envision for your getaway.

We'll also talk about things like your favorite/least favorite parts of travel planning and if there are any specific goals you have for the trip.


General Itinerary

Where are you going and when?

If you already have your destination(s) picked out, this is when we'll get your flight booked.

Unsure of where you want to go? No problem!

We'll present to you some destination recommendations based on what you've told us you're looking for and taking into consideration the time of year, budget, and more. 


Let's Build This Trip

Once we know exactly where you're headed and when you'll be there, we'll move on to the next steps:

Accommodations - Where will you stay? We'll help you find that perfect place to lay your head each night. 

Things to Do - Excursions, tours, entry tickets... we'll take care of all necessary reservations so you don't miss a thing!

Transportation - Should you rent a car? Will you fly or take the train from one destination to another? All that will be covered here.

Dining - We want to make sure you eat well! This is when we'll sprinkle in some dining reservations.



It's all coming together now!

About a month before departure, you'll receive your Final Itinerary that can be downloaded to your phone (offline use!) and accessed via our free, digital app. 

But that's not all!

A Pre-Departure Package will also be mailed to your house that includes physical copies of all your travel docs, itinerary, a JLJ tote bag, and your personalized Travel Guide magazine filled with your trip info, inspiration, and in-depth destination travel tips!

Our unique step-by-step process ensures you never feel overwhelmed.

raise your hand if you're over
"one-size-fits-all" travel

Hey wanderer!

Jillian Gibas

Founder & Lead Travel Designer

Yup, same.

JLJ Travel was built on the belief that there had to be something better when it came to planning travel. 

Cookie-cutter, pre-packaged, generic trips were just never my vibe, but it seemed like everywhere I looked, those were exactly the types of trips travel agencies were selling. 

By taking the time to truly listen what you're looking for, we craft getaways that are unique, authentic, and 100% custom for YOU.

Wanna hear more about how we do things a little differently?

learn more about us

Where Your Travel Style Meets a Best-in-Class Experience

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