The Itinerary Assistance package is an à la carte service that allows you to receive help on only a specific part (or parts) of the trip. You tell us what you need help with and we get to work taking care of it for you! 

The Complete Getaway package, however, is an all-encompassing service that covers everything you'll need for a stress-free getaway from start to finish.

What's the difference between the Complete Getaway package and the Itinerary Assistance package?

What's all included in the Complete Getaway package?

A 4-Step approach to getting your trip planned with bookings done for you, a daily itinerary that can be downloaded to your phone for use offline, destination travel + food & drink guides, a packing list, a pre-departure package with hard copies of all travel docs, and consistent support leading up to and during travel.

What are these "4 Steps" you speak of in the Complete Getaway package?

Step 1: General Itinerary & Flights
Step 2: Accommodations
Step 3: Transportation & Tours
Step 4: The Final Itinerary

What's all included in the Itinerary Assistance package?

A clear, well-laid out and visually attractive presentation with plenty of information regarding the travel components you needed help with.

Does the Complete Getaway package include booking done for you?

the complete getaway Package

The Complete Getaway package does all the heavy lifting for you including booking your flights, accommodations, tours, and excursions. We'll even make dinner reservations for you if there are places you absolutely must schedule in to your itinerary

Does the Itinerary Assistance package include booking done for you?

The Itinerary Assistance package is for those who are comfortable booking their own flight, accommodations, excursions, etc., but need help with the research, logistics, and planning.

What are the itineraries like in the Complete Getaway package?

We listen to each client's unique travel style, but find that typically, the best itineraries are the balanced ones - ensuring that the most important things are covered, but also allow for enough down-time for lazy mornings and "go with how you feel" days.

Your itinerary will feel structured without being rigid. Where's time for spontaneity when you're glued to an hour-by-hour schedule?! 

Can you give me an example of a trip where the Complete Getaway package would be the best fit?

You want to visit Greece but have no idea where to start. You need help narrowing down the exact part(s) of the country you want to visit, and also require assistance with the recommendation and booking of accommodations, things to do, flights, and more.

Who is the best candidate for the Custom Getaway package?

Someone looking to truly make the most of their getaway and receive travel support before and during their trip. This person wants the logistics and bookings taken care of for them, so they can focus solely on the enjoyable parts of preparing for and being on vacation. 

THe itinerary Assistance Package

Can you give me an example of a trip where the Itinerary Assistance package would be the best fit?

You've already booked your flight to Paris, and you're comfortable booking the rest of the trip components on your own, but need some help figuring out where to stay and/or what to do when you arrive.

Why is there not a set price for the Itinerary Assistance package?

The Itinerary Assistance package is our à la carte travel planning option where you tell us exactly what you need help with. Because requests can vary so much, we cannot declare a set price. Planning fee is determined by scope of work.

How much can I expect to pay for the Itinerary Assistance package?

Although it varies depending on much help you need and how quickly you need it by, on average you can expect to pay around half the price of Complete Getaway.

Who is the best candidate for the Itinerary Assistance package?

A true independent traveler who would rather save hours of time on trip research and instead have a pro make recommendations for them based on they're looking for.

THe resort advising Package

What's all included in the Resort Advising package?

Assistance with resort selection.
Should you choose to have us book your travel, we also include an itinerary with your travel docs that can be downloaded to your phone for use offline, destination and pre-departure travel tips, a packing list, and consistent support leading up to and during travel.

Can you give me an example of a trip where the Resort Advising package would be the best fit?

You need something laid-back and tropical, but aren't sure where would be the best fit for you. While you may venture off-resort for an excursion or two, you plan on hanging out at the resort for the majority of the time.

Who is the best candidate for the Resort Advising package?

An all-inclusive vacation is the most common request in this package, but anyone seeking a "resort-style" getaway will likely find that this is the perfect service for them.

The best candidates plan on staying on the resort the majority of the time and therefore don't require a day-to-day itinerary.

If I want you to find the perfect resort for me, but then just book it myself, can I do that?


Our Resort Advising package is designed for just that! Of course, we are happy to do the booking for you as well, and if you go that route, your planning fee is applied directly to the cost of your vacation.


Can you help me with getting an Airbnb or VRBO?

Yes! BUT -

Airbnb and VRBO do not allow third parties to make bookings, meaning we cannot make the official reservation for you. 

We are happy to do the research and make recommendations for you, however.

I love seeking out great places to eat and trying new food when I travel - can you help me find the best spots?

Oh yaaaassss, honey.

Your trip is being designed by someone who absolutely loves sampling the local cuisine and makes food and drink a priority when planning their own trips. From Michelin-star restaurants, to street food, to hidden gems - you are definitely in good hands.

Can you help plan travel for people living anywhere in the world?

We currently only plan and book travel for those who reside in the United States.

Do you help plan travel for destination weddings?


We are currently working on a Destination Wedding package, but absolutely reach out in the mean time if you're considering getting married abroad.

Can you help with travel insurance?

We highly recommend investing in travel insurance each trip, but since we are not a licensed insurance agent, we cannot sell, make recommendations, or answer specific questions regarding travel insurance.

We can, however, connect you to the top travel insurance companies in the industry who can help you select your perfect plan.

How far in advance should I contact you about my travel plans?

As soon as possible!

Although for most trips we won't begin the planning process if it's a year out or more, there are exceptions, and the sooner you reach out, the sooner we can get you on the planning calendar.

What do I do if I'm not sure which package is right for me?

Let's chat!

We offer 15 minute complimentary, no obligation Zoom calls where we can discuss which package would be your best fit and you can ask as many questions as your heart desires.

What's the shortest notice you accept when planning a trip?

At least three months prior to departure is typically required for Complete Getaways, though we may be able to squeeze you in at a premium rate for more last minute full trip planning.

Resort Advising can be more short notice, but is subject to availability of on our planning calendar.

Itinerary Assistance will vary depending on the scope of work.

I have an airline voucher or frequent flier miles I'd like to use on my flight - are you still able to book the flight for me if I want to use them?

We are unable to book flights on your behalf using any flight vouchers, points, or miles you have.

We can, however, still assist you in the flight search.

I have loyalty points or a reward stay with a hotel group - can you still book the hotel for me?

Possibly - but not usually.

We can, however, still assist you in the accommodations search.

What do you mean when you say you have XX amount of spots left for the month?

JLJ Travel was founded on the premise that the traditional travel agency model is outdated.
We do not take on as many clients as possible and deliver them all the same run-of-the-mill vacations. 

When you work with JLJ, you are getting a true custom getaway, designed specifically for you. 
Because of the personalized nature of these trips, there are only so many clients we can take on each month.

We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible so we can get you a spot reserved on our travel planning calendar.

I'm ready to do it BIG!


We can definitely help!

Please note that round-the-world trips or complex itineraries are subject to additional planning fees.

What's the best way to get started?

We can't wait to hear where you want to go!

No matter if you're ready to start planning, want to book a Zoom call, or just have a couple questions, the absolute best way to get started is by completing the quick Contact form on jlj-travel.com