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We have worked with a few other travel agents and Jillian was BY FAR the best.

- marissa v.


Simple, straightforward - took out a lot of the guessing and footwork on our end!

- lindsay h.

riviera maya

There are a million resorts out there.

But which one is right for YOU?
Ditch the stress and confusion by enlisting the help of a travel designer. JLJ will...

be your accommodations matchmaker

handle all the bookings

ensure you feel confident upon departure

act as your supplier liason

find your best flight

give support every step of the way

provide destination guidance





Some of my most requested:

I researched and interviewed other travel agents, but it always felt off and they were projecting their ideal trip onto me. Until I came across JLJ! 

Once we got on the call, I knew it was the right fit. Jillian "got" what I was looking for. Asked great questions and really listened to what I wanted (even the things I didn't say).

- eli k.


Itinerary App

Each trip includes access to a free phone app that allows clients to:

Download their itinerary to their phone so it can be accessed offline (especially helpful when no wi-fi is available!).

View all important travel documents and guides on the go (think: confirmation #s, excursion tickets, etc.)

Get real-time flight updates in case there are changes to their flights.

Easily communicate with their travel designer via the Messages option.

What's Included

Travel Guides

My goal is to make you feel completely prepared when you board that plane. Which is why each Tropical Getaway includes handy-dandy guides like:

Destination Things to Know
Fast facts and tips about where you're headed

Pre-Departure Checklist
So you know everything has been taken care of 

Packing List
To help avoid that dreaded "Did I remember to pack my...?" feeling


How it Works

Step 1: Let's Chat!

What does a perfect day on your trip look like? Any must-have hotel amenities? What kind of vibe are seeking? We'll kick things off with an video intro call and talk all about what you envision for your getaway.

Step 2: Options Presentation

It's time to put my travel knowledge to work! I'll take everything I've gathered from you and put together a 2-3 options of what I believe are your ideal destinations, flights, and accommodations.

Step 3: Bookings Done For You

Once we've decided where you're headed, it'll be time to get you booked! I'll handle it all so you can just focus on getting excited :)

Step 4: Off You

And you're off! Enjoy peace of mind knowing everything has been taken care of, and there's someone there for you should you require assistance during your trip.



Planning fees are determined by a variety of factors including # of travelers and complexity of itinerary.

Please contact for a custom quote, but plan on a minimum investment of $250 per trip for my services.


No offense to your best friend's aunt who's giving you recommendations on social media - but maybe they aren't the best person to be helping you plan your trip?

Talk to someone who gets it.
You ready?

let's go